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What is WingTjun Kung Fu?
WingTjun Kung Fu is a very effective close quarter attacking system, designed around the development of the individual, there are 5 ranges of Kicking, Punching, Knee/Elbow, Throwing and Ground Fighting, as well as Counter Kicking, Control & Restraint, Multiple Assailants & Anti Weapons and highly adept at Contact/ Impulse training.

Will learning WingTjun Kung Fu help me defend myself and make me fitter?
Absoloutely! Our Martial Art system is designed around your personal safety and to improve your fitness.

Do I have to be fit?
No, you will get fitter through WingTjun Kung Fu training.

Will I get hurt?
No. The lessons are closely supervised, all techniques are executed with control.

Am I insured?
Yes, all members are covered by our organisation insurance.

Are there any Courses or Seminars?
Yes there are a variety of courses and internation seminars every year, including visits from our Masters and Grandmasters, as well as Instructor courses.

What do I wear for my first lesson?
Sports trousers, t-shirt and trainers.

Can anyone learn the WT Martial Art System?
Yes, regardless of physical attributes, sex orage.

How many Grades are there in the WT System?
There are 12 student grades, 4 technical grades, 4 master grades and 3 Grandmaster WT grades.

What happens if I am unable to attend Classes?
The WT Kung Fu student grade syllabus was designed by Grandmaster Kernspecht to address the fact that most Students are not always able to train as much as their Chinese counterparts. The rotating training program and grading syllabus we use mean that you will be able to catch up on material you have missed. Otherwise there is no time limit on your membership.

Can I get a Career in Kung Fu with Slough WingTjun School?
Yes, The Kung Fu Slough schools are dedicated to the idea that any member can have a career in Martial Arts and we offer many opportunities for those who wish to pursue this.


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