• Martial art classes in Slough. WingTjun is a very powerful form of kung fu. We can generate lots of power from your mind and body, to overcome people who are much bigger and stronger.

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  • Childrens martial arts, your child will learn respect, increase their confidence,  in a fun and friendly environment. Classes in Slough.

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  • Our extensive training syllabus will guide you though student grades, Black belt and Master levels. Our classes are taught in a professional, fun and friendly environment.

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  • Enrol for 2 weeks free training


  • Enrol for 2 week free training at IWKA Martial Arts Slough

    • IWKA Martial Arts Slough

      Our system borrows the power from the opponent and redirects it back. There are no set techniques, making it hard for anyone to strike you with a kick or punch.

      WingTjun martial arts is renown for being one of the most effective forms of self defence around today.

      It is taught to the special forces Elite Agencies around the world, including FBI & the CIA.

      Martial arts Slough invites you down to our school for 2 weeks free training

    • Martial arts Slough

    • Wing Chun Slough

    • Childrens Martial Art Classes

      Your child can learn our WingTjun Martial Art system in Slough.

      The benefits of training childrens WingTjun:

      • Increase your childs confidence
      • Learn Self-defence
      • Anti Bullying Techniques
      • Full belt and grading syllabus
      • Defend against weapons
      • Deal with day to day situation at school and home





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